Meaning and Origin

The name Tyler originated in England, during the Middle Ages and is a derivitive of the word “tiler.” A tiler is someone who makes tiles for roofs. The meaning of Tyler is “door keeper of an inn”, “tile layer” or “tile maker” and has several different spelling variations, including Tylar, Tilar and Tylor. Every country has its own spelling variations, though the most common and popular is the original spelling, which is Tyler.

There are many musicians, actors and actresses all over the world who have the first name Tyler, though one of the interesting things about it is that it originated as a surname.


In the United States, the popularity of Tyler as a baby boy’s name is ranked number fifty, while it is ranked fifty-one in Canada, twenty-six in Australia, sixty-five in Ireland and twenty three in England (ONS figures in 2012). It is a rather popular name in most countries and only becomes more popular with each passing year. It is an extremely popular name for boys, though it is quickly gaining popularity for baby girls all over the world as well.

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