Origin and Meaning of the Name Walter

The famous English Explorer Walter Raleigh
The famous English Explorer Walter Raleigh

The name Walter is of German origin.

The meaning of Walter is “army ruler”, or “folk ruler”. The name was introduced in England, by the Normans, in the 11th century, replacing the name Wealdhere used by England, with the same meaning.

Variations of the Name

There are several variations of the name Walter, such as Walder, Waltar, Walthar, Waltur, Walt, and more.

Famous People with the First Name Walter

Many famous people are, and were named Walter. One of the most famous, every little kids favourite is, “Walt Disney”. Walter Matthau, Walter Scott, Walter Cronkite, and Walter Forbes, are some more.

The most famous English man with the name is Sir Walter Raleigh who was born in Devon and established a colony in what is now called North Carolina.


What is the popularity of Walter? A common name, however not as popular as it once was. It has had its ups and downs in ranking, however still in the top 500. The peak was in the early 1900’s. Not used as much in the last few years, but currently there is a bit of resurgence. No matter your choice, it should be one you are happy with, regardless of history, fame, or popularity.

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