English Boy Name Wayne

Wayne, while a classic male name with famous namesakes like paragon of masculinity John Wayne, was not in the 100 most popular boy names in England in 2012. However, that means that your son, should you choose this name, would have a fairly unique name in amongst his friends and peers.

History of Name: Wayne

Short, easy to spell (with virtually no variations in common usage), Wayne originally meant wagon builder or driver, from its Old English derivation.

Variations in Spelling the Name Wayne

While the fact that they are not many variations in spelling the given name Wayne, there are a few variant spellings that might interest you if you like the name but want to add some flair: Wayne is also spelled Wain and Wayn.

Famous Men with the Name Wayne

The most famous English male with the name Wayne must be Wayne Rooney, the footballer who plays upfront  for England and Manchester United.

Other Waynes include John Wayne, the American cowboy. The famous performer Wayne Newton: think “Danke Schane” who lit up Las Vegas. Another strong masculine namesake was Wayne Gretzky. For the jokesters, Wayne was half of Meyer’s Wayne’s World.

Wayne is a name with a tradition of being a part of some unforgettable people, and has a strong, manly connotation. Or at least of someone that’s going to be noticed, and remembered.

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