Meaning and Origin

The name Zachary is of Hebrew origin but these days it is popular in English speaking countries. The name Zachary is derived from the Biblical name Zechariah. The meaning of name is “Remembered By God”.

Popularity of Zachary

Zachary was ranked as the 41th most popular boys baby name in 2014 in England and over the last 12 years it has gained 57 places in popularity.

Famous People Who’s 1st Name is Zachary

Zachary Taylor
Zachary Taylor a famous people with the name

The twelfth President of the United States was named Zachary Taylor. Zachary Taylor was from West Virginia, from there, he and his family migrated to Kentucky.

Zachary Quinto, was from Pittsburg he was a famous American film producer and actor. Quinto played Spock in Star Trek.

Zachary Levi was also another famous actor, who had many leading roles including Alvin and The Chipmunks.

Tom Zachary was a great Major League Baseball pitcher from North Carolina, while Chris Zachary was also a famous Major League Baseball pitcher from Tennessee.

Also there are a couple of cities in the United States named Zachary. One is in Louisiana near Baton Rouge and the other is in California. The name Zachary is very popular in all aspects.

Variations of the Name

Zac , Zach and Zechariah

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